Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yeoh Li Tian Wins First Leg of KL Grand Prix Chess Open 2010


Latest News: Here is the latest on the 1st Leg of the KL Grand Prix Chess Open 2010 being held at Royal Selangor Club on the 7th February 2010 - 1st Yeoh Li Tian – 6 points, 2nd Nik Ahmad Farouqi, 3rd Sumant Subramaniam, 4th Amitphal, 5th Ahmad Fadhil Nayan, 6th Roshan Singh, 7th Fadli, 8th Chan Sheng Yang, 9th Zainal Faeizul, 10th Mohamed Hezri and 11th Yat Guo Jie.

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