Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nur Nabila, Nurul Huda, Mi Yen, Alia Are In The Semi-Finals, Malaysian Women Masters 2010

At the DATCC, a drama unfolded as Nur Nabila and Khairunnisa Wahiduddin had to go through a late afternoon playoff stage to determine the last ticket to the Semi-Finals of the Malaysian Women Masters 2010 on the second day (27th February 2010) of the knock-out chess tournament. Earlier, three players easily managed to qualify to the semi-finals, which included Nurul Huda, Fong Mi Yen and Alia Anin Azwa bt Bakri.


image  image

Pix 1. Fong Mi Yen.          Pix 2. Alia Anin Azwa.

The last remaining ticket for the semi-finals had to go through an additional hurdle of playing two rapid games tonight, 27th February 2010 at the DATCC to determine the fourth candidate to the semi-finals.

The playoffs were shown live through the internet at and Malaysian Women Masters blog. As the results shown in the table summary below, Nur Nabila bt Azman Hisham prevailed by drawing the first rapid game and winning the second game against Khairunnisa Wahiduddin.


For the Semi-Finals tomorrow, 28th February 2010, first board will played by Nurul Huda against Nur Nabila Azman Hisham and on second board by Fong Mi Yen against Alia Anin Azwa bt Bakri.

 (source of results: Najib Wahab)

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