Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Russian Superfinal Chess Championship 2010

Print 14 December 2010, Kuala Lumpur – The Russian Superfinal Chess Championship 2010 for men is being held in Moscow in the Central House of Chess from 10 to 22 December 2010.
The tournament will have the Russian national champion Alexander Grischuk (2771) , Sergey Karjakin (2760) , Dmitry Yakovenko (2726) , Peter Svidler (2722) , Ian Nepomniachtchi (2722) ,Vladimir Malakhov (2720)Nikita Vityugov (2709) , Eugene Tomaszewski (2699) , Igor Kurnosov (2676) , Vadim Zvyagintsev (2676) , Denis Khismatullin (2659) and Vladimir Potkin (2646) .

The tournament is in round robin format. Control of time - 90 minutes for the first 40 moves followed by 30 minutes before the end of the game with 30 second increment.
After round 3 of the Russian Superfinal Chess Championship 2010, two players are leading with 2.5 points. They are Sergey Karjakin and Peter Svidler.

Here is the round 1 game between Khismatullin and Nepomniachtchi which was won by Nepomniachtchi in 28 moves.

Some background info on Nepomniachtchi:

After claiming the lead in the European Chess 2010 in Rijeka with round nine victory against Baadur Jobava, Ian Nepomniachtchi drew his compatriot Denis Khismatullin in the penultimate round and then beat the Armenian GM Vladimir Akopian in the final game to secure the title of the European Chess Champion.

Ian Nepomniachtchi, born on July 14th, 1990, is one of the World's top junior players. He won the European Youth Chess Championship three times, and in 2002 he also won the World Youth Chess Championship in the U12 group. In 2008, he won the world's strongest open tournament, Aeroflot Moscow, and qualified for the Dortmund supertournament.


Here is the round 3 chess game between Sergey Karjakin and Ian Nepomniachtchi in which Karjakin prevailed.

image       image
Pix 1. Cat Dolzhikova + Karjakin.                            Pix 2. Karjakin plays chess against robot.
Official website: http://russiachess.org

Chessdom website: click here.
(pictures courtesy of http://www.russiachess.org/content/view/5501/411/)

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