Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mark Siew Ahead At NJCC 2010

image 18 December 2010, Kuala Lumpur – At the OCM building, Mark Siew (pix left) continues to maintain his lead with 7.0 points from 8 rounds of play in the National Junior Chess Championship 2010. He drew with Nabil Azman Hisham, fourth seed, in round 8 and won against Thong Yung Cheng, the fifth seed.
Meanwhile the early tournament favourite, Yeoh Li Tian is languishing in fourth place after conceding four draws to much lower rated players in the tournament.

Here is one game between Mark Siew and Lim Zhou Ren, the second seed of the tournament, which resulted in a major conquest for Mark Siew in the fifth round of the National Junior Chess Championship 2010. Mark played the King’s Indian Attack opening, a favourite of the ex-World Chess Champion, the late Bobby Fisher. Mark played brilliantly and ended with two bishops, a rook and five pawns against black’s rook and four pawns. Witnessed the game yourself by using the game viewer below:-

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