Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ruan, Harika Wins First Rapid Playoffs, WWCC2010

GM Alexandra Kosteniuk - RUS 12 December 2010, Kuala Lumpur – At the Women’s World Chess Championship in Turkey, the defending champion, GM Kosteniuk just lost the first rapid game to WGM Ruan Lufei of China.

During the round 3 playoffs of the first game saw two decisive wins and two drawn games as shown below.


Watch the following game viewer as to how WGM Ruan Lufei won her rapid game against GM Kosteniuk. Ruan had white’s king pinned to the back rank with three pieces on the second rank. If white played 55. Bg6+, then black can take the bishop at g6 and win the game with material advantage. If white plays 55.Bd3, then 55… Ne3# mate.

The second rapid is still ongoing. To watch, please visit Susan Polgar’s blog or click here. Or the official website, please click here.


* Official website :

* Susan Polgar's blog or click here.

* fireyrook's blog or click here.
* chess-in-malaysia's blog or click here.

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