Sunday, August 22, 2010

NH Chess Tournament Goes To A Playoff In 10th Round!

23 August 2010, Amsterdam - A fantastic game brewed during the ANISH GIRI vs NAKAMURA game which entered the   playoffs. It appears to be a game of psychology in the chess openings, as towards the middle game, in order to achieve a better end game positionally, NAKAMURA executes the perfect exchange sacrifice!
End position, a win for black and NAKAMURA!

Here are the current standings of the Rising Stars team vs Experience after the 10th round.

In the tenth and last round of the NH Chess Tournament the Experience team defeated the Rising Stars 3½-1½, but couldn’t prevent the youngsters’ overall win of 26-24. In a blitz play-off for a direct invitation to the 2011 Amber Blindfold and Rapid Tournament Nakamura beat Giri 2-0.
The NH Chess Tournament took place August 12-22 in hotel Krasnapolsky, in the heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. As always, the tournament was a confrontation between a team of five young ‘Rising Stars’ and a team of five ‘Experienced’ grandmasters.

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