Friday, December 9, 2011

London Chess Classic – Nakamura In The Lead

image 10 Dec 2011, Kuala Lumpur – At the 3rd London Chess Classic 2011, Nakamura made waves in round 5 by overcoming David Howell of the U.K. where Nakamura will win a piece in the end game. Another sensational round in the 2011 London Chess Classic saw Hikaru Nakamura seize the lead with a score of 10 points by beating David Howell. reported that Hikaru Nakamura celebrated his 24th birthday today, but he was unable to mark the occasion with a win. In a critical battle with Luke McShane a draw was the final result.

As fate would have it, all of the other games also ended inconclusively so Hikaru Nakamura still leads with three rounds remaining. Nakamura has 11 points so far, two points ahead of Carlsen who has played one game less than Nakamura.

It is Hikaru Nakamura's turn next to take his bye, so the other players will be hoping to make ground as the tournament heads towards its finale.


Luke McShane shaking hands with Hikaru Nakamura at the start of round 6 (Photo courtesy of Ray-Morris Hill at the official website.)


Here is the round 6 game between McShane and Nakamura which ended in a draw.




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