Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Carlsen Wins Against Nakamura

7 Dec 2011, Kuala Lumpur - At the London Chess Classic, Magnus Carlsen wins against Hikaru Nakamura of the USA during the third round of play.

The Week In Chess reported that Magnus Carlsen beat Hikaru Nakamura to move into a clear lead with 7/9 after 3 rounds of the London Chess Classic. Carlsen said his position was easier to play and eventually Nakamura went wrong and his position collapsed. Viswanathan Anand was briefly in trouble against David Howell but he missed his way and the game was drawn.

Levon Aronian looked to have a smooth win against Nigel Short but he revealed afterwards it was not at all that easy and I guess a disappointed Short will at least be feeling better about his play than after round 2. Luke McShane beat an off-form Michael Adams after the latter turned down a piece sacrifice which he might just as well have accepted and taken his chances. Round 4 runs Tues 6th December 16:00-23:00 GMT to allow people to visit after work. Carlsen-Kramnik, Adams-Short, Anand-Nakamura, Howell-McShane, Aronian commentator.


[Event "3rd London Chess Classic"]
[Site "London ENG"]
[Date "2011.12.05"]
[Round "3"]
[White "Carlsen, Magnus"]
[Black "Nakamura, Hikaru"]
[Result "1-0"]
[WhiteElo "2826"]
[BlackElo "2758"]
[ECO "C50"]

1. e2-e4 e7-e5 2. Ng1-f3 Nb8-c6 3. Bf1-c4 Ng8-f6 4. d2-d3 Bf8-c5 5. c2-c3 d7-d6 6. Bc4-b3 a7-a6 7. Nb1-d2 Bc5-a7 8. Nd2-f1 h7-h6 9. Nf1-g3 O-O 10. O-O Bc8-e6 11. h2-h3 Qd8-d7 12. Bc1-e3 Nc6-e7 13. Nf3-h4 Ne7-g6 14. Nh4-f5 Ng6-e7 15.Nf5xe7 Qd7xe7 16. Be3xa7 Ra8xa7 17. f2-f4 c7-c5 18. Bb3-c2 b7-b5 19. Qd1-d2 Ra7-b7 20. a2-a3 a6-a5 21. Rf1-f2 b5-b4 22. a3xb4 a5xb4 23. Ra1-f1 b4xc3 24. b2xc3 e5xf4 25. Rf2xf4 Nf6-h7 26. d3-d4 c5xd4 27. c3xd4 Qe7-g5 28. Kg1-h2 Nh7-f6 29. Bc2-d1 Rf8-b8 30. h3-h4 Qg5-g6 31. Rf4xf6 g7xf6 32. Qd2-f4 Rb7-b2 33. Bd1-h5 Qg6-g7 34. Bh5-f3 Rb8-a8 35. d4-d5 Be6-c8 36. Ng3-h5 Qg7-f8 37. Nh5xf6 Kg8-h8 38. Rf1-c1 Kh8-g7 39. e4-e5 d6xe5 40. Nf6-h5 Kg7-h7 41. Bf3-e4 1-0

Magnus Carlsen, Norway
Pix 1. GM Magnus Carlsen, Norway – leading at London Chess Classic.
Pix 2. Position after move 41.Be4+, with possible mate in two if 41… Bf5, 42.Qxf5+ Kg8, 43.Qh7 #.

Rankings After 3rd Round:-


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