Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Chess Blog By The Malaysian Ladies’ Bureau!


15 January 2011, Kuala Lumpur – The Malaysian women chess headed by Pn Haslindah bt Ruslan, President of the Ladies’ chess bureau of the Malaysian Chess Federation has put up a new chess blog called the “Biro Catur Wanita” on the internet.

Pn Haslindah, who is also one of the Vice-Presidents of the Malaysian Chess Federation, has set-up an official women’s chess bureau comprising of the following officials :-


One of the projects under the bureau is the setting-up of  a database of players in Malaysia as shown below:-


The note on the left of the blog says it is to be a source of news and information about Malaysian chess, women’s players, reviews, games, photos and chess events.


The blog augurs well for the development of chess among women in Malaysia and Haslindah Ruslan is in the driving seat to push fresh programs for chess in the nation. We wish her and the bureau well in their endeavours!


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