Friday, January 7, 2011

Hastings Masters Round 9 Dramatic Finish!


8 January 2011, Kuala Lumpur – The Hastings Masters was held from the 28th December 2010 till 5th January 2011 in Hastings, England, U.K. FM Steve Giddins of TWIC reports on a dramatic final round of the Hastings Masters where long time leader Romain Edouard was defeated allowing an Indian triumph for his opponent Deep Sengupta and Arghyadip Das who defeated GM norm seeking fellow Indian Sundar Shyam. Deep Sengupta finished in first place scoring 7 points, while A Das in second place, also with 7 points. Romain Edouard  and Andrei Istratescu finished in joint third with 6.5 points, David Howell and Danny Gormally in joint fourth, also with 6.5 points.

In a dramatic last round at the Sussex seaside, it was the Indian players Deep Sengupta and Arghyadip Das who emerged as joint winners of the 2010/11 Hastings Masters. The first-named faced the overnight leader, Romain Edouard, on top board and played a splendid attacking game against the French GM's Sicilian. The black king ended up on f8, and as lines opened, Sengupta penetrated decisively with his heavy pieces.

The other co-winner, Das, achieved his success at the expense of his compatriot, Shyam, who needed to win to make a GM norm. However, his Scotch Game soon went wrong, and he was left defending a hopeless ending, which he was unable to save.

The Prize Winners are shown below:-




Here is the dramatic final round 9 game between Sengupta of India and Edouard of France of the Hastings Masters 2011, which turn the events around in favour of Sengupta.


Position after 29. c x d3.  1-0.

To complete the picture, the game between Shyam Sundar and A Das is included in the game viewer below.


Position after 36…c5   0-1.

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