Friday, September 7, 2012

Line Up for round 10 vs Japan, Philippines



7 Sep 2012, Kuala Lumpur – After round 9 double defeat for Malaysia, we prepare for round 10 tonight against Japan (Open) and Philippines (Women). In the open category, Malaysia has rested Lim Zhuo Ren and allowed IM Liew Chee-Meng on fourth board.

As Japan is rated lower than Malaysia in the open, in theory, Malaysia are the favourites for this tie and should win. While the ladies are again the under-dogs in the tie and is expected to lose.

In the women, WCM Fong Mi Yen is rested and in comes back on first board is WFM Nur Najiha bt Azman Hisham.

To watch the men’s team play live between Malaysia vs Japan, please click here.

To watch the women’s team play live between Malaysia vs Philippines, please click here.

Official website of the 40th Chess Olympiad 2012 Istanbul, Turkey:

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