Tuesday, April 24, 2012

6 Players At The Top, Melaka Open

24 April 2012, Kuala Lumpur - In Melaka, the chess connections blog reported that it was an interesting fight to the end although the results of the top 6 tables indicated otherwise - with all players agreeing to a draw.

The first draw was registered between GM Laxman and GM Deepan, both of India followed by GM Arun Prasad of India and FM Hamdani Rudin of Indonesia. The match on Table 1 between GM Richard Bitoon and GM Alexander was the last game to finish a draw on the top board after a grueling 56 move game.

Other notable games were Manaog Stewart win against Kruttika Nadig on Table 11, Tan Li Ting triumphant against Syazrin Abdul Rahman and Yeoh Li Tian convincing win against Ismail Ahmad on Table 12.

For Round 4, six co leaders with 2 1/2 points will battle it out on the top 3 tables - GM Forminyh against IM Dimakiling on Table 1, GM Czebe and GM Laxman on Table 2 and GM Bitoon against GM Deepan on Table 3. Malaysian youngster Yeoh Li Tian will be playing the black pieces against IM Nolte of the Philippines and Tan Li Ting will go against WGM Kruttika Nadig of India on Table 11 also with the black pieces.

Please visit the chessconnections.blogspot.com for more updates of the Melaka Chess Festival 2012.

(All pictures by Najib Wahab)

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