Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Larry Christiansen Beats Shankland In League Game

16 September 2010, Kuala Lumpur – On the Internet Chess Club (ICC), the US Chess League 2010 match between New England against Boston is shown live. On board 1 Larry Christiansen, writer of the Storming The Barricades, won his game against IM Shankland of New England Nor’easters. Larry plays for the Boston Blitz chess team and is playing white on board 1.


Pix 1. White played 29. Ra1, black resigned. If 29. …Bxc5, then 30. Ra8#, mates in one!

Other boards are still playing and are shown live on ICC. The following table indicates the boards being played on ICC right now!


New England is leading the Eastern Division with 3.0 solid wins from three games, while Boston is in third position with 2.0 wins and one loss from three games in the US Chess League 2010. The standings table below summarises the standings of participating teams in both Eastern and Western Division of the US Chess League 2010.


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