Friday, August 30, 2013

Kramnik has first scalp in FIDE World Cup 2013, Tromso

Kramnik vs Andreikin, Game 1 Final WC 2013 Tromso, Norway
Pix 1. Kramnik in deep thought in Game 1, Final FIDE World Cup 2013, Tromso, Norway (Photo from official website in Tromso, Norway)
31st August 2013, Kuala LumpurIn Tromso, Norway, finally in move 63 of game 1, Andreikin surrenders and Kramnik would have a won endgame with two white pawns. A huge advantage when you have pawns on the board in the endgame. Kramnik 1-0 ahead after game 1, round 7, FIDE World Cup 2013.
Final World Cup 2013, round 7, game 1, Tromso, Norway
Game 1, FINAL World Cup 2013, Kramnik vs Andreikin :

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