Tuesday, August 7, 2012

MOHE–UM Invitational Chess Competition 2012


8 August 2012, Kuala Lumpur – The Ministry of Higher Education and in collaboration with University of Malaya are jointly organising an Invitational Chess Competition 2012, this coming 13-16th September 2012.





This tournament is sponsored by Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE). The purpose of this tournament is to provide a standard time control tournament for top chess players from local Institution of Higher Learning.


This tournament is by invitation only. Anyone who fulfilled the following requirements can apply to participate in this tournament. The application must be send to the organizing committee before 27th of August. For the successful applicants the invitation will be send by 31st of August.

1) Must be a Malaysian studying in an Institute of Higher Learning in Malaysia which includes

a. Institute of Higher Learning (Public / Private)

b. Community College

c. Polytechnic

d. College

2) Other criteria

a. Have official FIDE rating, OR

b. MCF rating (Male: must be more than 1500. Female: must be more than 1300), OR

c. Represented state in MSSM competition, OR

d. Wild card entry from university.

Procedures for shortlisting the players

1) Only a maximum of 32 Males and 32 Females will be invited.

2) Any IHL can send as many players as possible as long as their players fulfill both of those criteria.

3) The top ten highest FIDE rated players who fulfill Criteria (2a) will be given priority.

4) Four places will be reserved for wild card entries from IHL that has no representatives to encourage participation from more IHL. However, if they are not taken up, these places will be given to the other players.

5) Each IHL can only send one male and one female under the wild card entry.

6) Players fulfilling criteria (2a (the lower rated) / 2b / 2c) will be selected base on first come first serve basis.

7) If any of the players do not accept the offer by the 5th of September, this offer will be given to the other players.

8) The committee decision is final and no appeal will be entertain.


For further enquiries, please send an email to Dr. Ng Siew Cheok (siewcng@um.edu.my).

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