Saturday, July 28, 2012

Round 6, Biel – Wang Hao strengthens his lead

Wang Hao, China - current leader

Pix 1. Wang Hao, the current leader. (Photo from official website)

29 July 2012, Kuala Lumpur – In Biel, Wang Hao maintains his lead as he drew his game against Bacrot and Carlsen drew with Nakamura of round 6 during the Biel Chess Festival 2012. Giri won his thrilling game against Bologan. A copy of this game is shown below with a short write-up of that game in the paragraph below.

The official website daily report of round 6 written by M Cebalo said that the only interesting game was Giri-Bologan. It started with something which looked like King's Indian, but very quickly transposed to some kind of Rety opening. Moldavian GM played again very actively, but didn't manage to equalize completely and in the middle game was even obliged to give a pawn in order to solve his problems, hoping to have some compensation based on his two bishops. However, Giri played very accurately, managed to exchange one of black bishops for his knight and to enter the endgame with pawn ahead. To convert such an advantage was not at all an easy task, I think that Black helped with an unnecessary pawn move (f7-f5) on move 46, which weakened seriously his pawn structure and allowed White to activate his rook. After another 46 moves of resistance Black was finally forced to through the towel, which means that young Dutch GM is now on the second place with 11 points, while the leader Wang Hao has 13.



Giri vs Bologan, Round 6, Biel

Pix 2. Anish Giri vs Viktor Bologan, Round 6.

Here is the round 6 game between Anish Giri of the Netherlands and Viktor Bologan, Moldova during the Biel Chess Festival 2012, Switzerland.

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