Saturday, July 7, 2012

Carlsen vs Karjakin, World Rapid Championship 2012, Rd 10 reported that Sergey Karjakin (pix below left) of Russia and Magnus Carlsen (pix below right) are leaders of the World Rapid Chess Championship 2012 after day 1 in Astana, Kazakhstan. Karjakin convincingly won against Gelfand, Tkachiev, Ismgambetov, and Grischuk, and after a secure draw against Topalov in round 5 is at the top with 4,5/5.Carlsen is with the same result after victories against Kazhgaleyev, Morozevich, Bologan, Kurnosov and a draw with Svidler.

Sergey Karjakin, Ukraine  Magnus Carlsen, Norway 

The above game is round 10 game between Sergey Karjakin playing black against World No. 1 Magnus Carlsen of Norway in which Carlsen won.

Results after round 9:


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(photos courtesy of official website in Kazakhstan)

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