Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cmilyte Defending Champion Near The Top


GM Cmilyte Viktorija, Lithuania vs WGM Jolanta Zawadzka

Pix 1. GM Cmilyte Viktorija (right) vs WGM Zawadzka Jolanta, 2nd round, Euro Womens Individual 2012, Gaziantep, Turkey. (Photo from official tournament website)

4 March 2012, Kuala Lumpur – In Gaziantep, Turkey, the top seed, Anna Muzychuk, is in 31st position with 1.5 points but there are twelve other players with 2 full points. Defending European Womens 2011 champion, GM Cmilyte Viktorija has 2 points from two rounds so far.


Here is the second round game between GM Viktorija Cmilyte, Lithuania against WGM Jolanta Zawadzka of the European Womens Individual 2012, Gaziantep, Turkey. White won the game despite black having two queens on the board.


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