Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Azarov’s Game Of Round 7, Euro Individual

28 March 2012, Kuala Lumpur – Here is the round 7 game that made Azarov Sergei of Bulgaria stand out during the 13th European Individual Chess Championship 2012. He won his game against the then leader Naiditsch Arkadij of Germany.

The official website of 13th EICC reported that Sergei Azarov 2667  (BLR),  ranked  32 in the starting  list, is  the  sole leader with 6.0/7.0 after beating  Arkadij Naiditsch 2702 (GER). Photo of tournament hall of top boards The leader of the German national team played inaccurately in the middle game and his position was already lost on  move 30.  Azarov  chose a slower but secure continuation and won the game in 73 moves. The rest of the top board games were drawn. The struggles of the seventh round have become more intense, which is evidenced by the fact that not a single game ended in less than two hours while most of the draws were made after more than four hours of play.Top Bulgarian GMs  Ivan Cheparinov 2664  (BUL) and Kiril  Georgiev  2671  (BUL) drew as White against Dmitry Jakovenko 2729 (RUS) and  Tamas Banusz  2583  (HUN)accordingly.Talented hope of Bosnia and Herzegovina  Dalibor Stojanovic 2471  (BIH) made his seventh consecutive draw against significantly higher rated Aleksander Delchev 2622 (BUL).

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