Monday, September 2, 2013

Kramnik continues to be ahead 2-1 after 3rd Game, World Cup Final 2013

Kramnik vs Andreikin, Game 3 yesterday, Final WC 2013

2 September 2013, Kuala Lumpur - In Tromso, Norway the Final Game 3 was held last night and ended in a draw bringing Kramnik a half point closer to his World Cup title much closer. Kramnik is now 2-1 ahead of Andreikin, his challenger in the Finals of the FIDE World Cup 2013.

Tonight they will play the fourth game, and Andreikin is in a “must-win” situation. He needs to make the odds even and push the series into a tie-break. Otherwise, it would be curtains for him and Kramnik will be declared the champion if another draw prevails tonight.

Kramnik vs Andreikin after Game 3, Final WC 2013

The Week-in-chess website reported that Dmitry Andreikin held Vladimir Kramnik to a draw with black in the third game of the FIDE World Cup in Tromso and will have a final chance with white on Monday to take the game into a day of tie-breaks.

Kramnik played fairly quietly against Andreikin's Chebanenko Slav and 8...Bb4 was a novelty even if it was not an entirely surprising one. Kramnik played for a tiny controlled advantage but after 12.Qxd8 exchanging queens the game was already close to a draw.


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(Photo from official website of FIDE World Cup 2013, Tromso, Norway)

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