Monday, February 18, 2013

Sergey Karjakin emerges the new Aeroflot Open Champion

18 Feb 2013, Kuala Lumpur – Sergey Karjakin of Russia wins the coveted Aeroflot Open 2013 championship by beating Alexander Grischuk, 2-1, in a thrilling rapid final last night. The first two games ended in draws. reported that Sergey Karjakin defeated the fellow Russian Alexander Grischuk 2-1 in the final match of the Aeroflot Rapid to take the top prize of 16,000 USD. Grischuk earned 10,000 USD.

Karjakin is reigning World Rapid Champion, while Grischuk is reigning World Blitz Champion.



However, the third game that came out a winner for Karjakin. The Ruy Lopez opening transpired and follow the game exploits below:-

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The Week In Chess reported that in the final Sergey Karjakin forced down Alexander Grischuk's flag in an Armageddon tie-break after both rapid games were drawn. This was the technique that Grischuk should followed in their recent and more controversial Piterenka Rapid BlitzArmageddon playoff. Here Karjakin switched from trying to win the position to forcing the flag down late on. He only had to avoid perpetual check or mate to win with 6 seconds vs Grischuk 1 second. The game ended up with the board in disarray and Grischuk playing the clock with one hand and the pieces the other which is at the least frowned upon. The fact was he was lost on the clock and Karjakin exploited that as you should if you're a professional.

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