Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shivendran Gandhi – Most Improved Players July-Sep 2012


11 October 2012, Kuala Lumpur – The latest October 2012 chess ratings for Malaysian chess players is out! The verdict is that Shivendran Gandhi managed an amazing 586 points improvement in his latest ratings, jumping from a mediocre 1204 to 1790! Amazing.

The table above lists out the top 20 Malaysian players that have made tremendous improvements in their latest ratings. The improvements for the top 20 of the nation ranges from 586 points to 182 points.

Second in the list is  Ahmad Aiman Sahadi with 394 points jump from 1165 to 1559.

Meanwhile, the top 100 juniors indicate that NM Evan Timothy Capel is ahead at 2019 rating, followed by Yeoh Li Tian at 2002 ratings and third, Sumant Subramaniam at 1988.

The Top 25 Malaysia Juniors (October 2012):


To see your own ratings, please download this rating spreadsheet by clicking the link here.

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