Monday, June 18, 2012

Danielian Leads In Kazan FIDE Women’s GP

Antoaneta Stefanova and Elina Danielian, Round 7 Press Conference

Pix 1. Antoaneta Stefanova and Elina Danielian, Round 7 Press Conference. (All photos from official website)

18 June 2012, Kuala Lumpur – In last night’s FIDE Women’s Grand Prix in Kazan, Russia, GM Elina Danielian continues to lead with 5 points from 7 rounds of play.

Viktorija Cmilyte, LTU, in fourth place.

The official website of tournament reported that Elina Danielian made a draw today in the game against Antoaneta Stefanova and keeps leading after the 7th round of FIDE Grand Prix in Kazan. Bulgarian player got slightly better position in the middle game but didn’t use all the chances although Armenian player found precise way to defend in the deep endgame. Katerina Lahno could have joined Elina Danielian on top but missed the winning possibilities in the game against world champion Hou Yifan.

Anna Muzychuk, SLO, in third place

Anna Muzychuk drew against Tatiana Kosintseva and keeps sharing the second place.  Viktorija Cmilyte defeated Betul Yildiz and caught Anna Muzychuk and Katerina Lahno. Nadezhda Kosintseva didn’t receive any advantage in the opening playing with white against Humpy Koneru and later on players agreed for a draw in the pawn endgame. Alexandra Kosteniuk found good chances to fight for advantage in the complicated game against Alisa Galliamova and succeeded to win.

Kateryna Lahno, Ukraine, in second place

Results of Round 7: 



Here is a round 7 game between Alexandra Kosteniuk and Alisa Galliamova during the FIDE Women’s GP in Kazan, Russia. Kosteniuk won this with white pieces. White is a piece ahead but black has five pawns to white’s three. White is threatening Ng4+ next move with major losses for black.

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Standings After Round 7:


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