Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mas, Fong Continue To Stay Ahead, SEA Games Trial Selection

Jimmy Liew3-MAS MokTzeMeng-IM

24 April 2011, Kuala Lumpur – At the Restoran Warisan near Dataran Merdeka, two more rounds were played in this single round robin format for the Malaysian SEA Games Trial Selection. IM Mas Hafizulhelm continues to maintain his lead with four points from five rounds. He drew against Sumant and won against Tan Jun Feng.

IM Jimmy Liew (left pix) had a good weekend Sunday as his position strengthens with a win and a draw today giving him a solid four points, the same as IM Mas.

However, IM Mok Tze Meng (right pix) disasterously lost to Fong Yit San in the fourth round and drew against Lim Zhou Ren in the fifth and is now lying in sixth position with 2.5 points.


Meanwhile in the Women’s, Fong Mi Yen and Camilia Johari (pix above) maintain a steady course with four points each after five rounds. Fong drew her games in the fourth and fifth rounds and Camilia won her fourth against Puteri Munajjah and drawing her fifth round game. The Nur sisters are just a heart beat behind at 3.5 points.

Table 1. Results of Men’s Rounds 4 and 5.


Table 2. Results of the Women’s Rounds 4 and 5.


Table 3. Crosstables of Men’s After Round 5.


 Table 4. Crosstables of Women’s After Round 5.


Games of Round 4, MCF Selection Trial 2011:-



(source of results and games: Najib Wahab)

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