Thursday, July 8, 2010

GM Ziaur Wins 5-0 At Simul!

9 July 2010, Kuala Lumpur – Last night five games were played against GM Ziaur Rahman. He had won 4-0 with one more game still pending against Nor Ilhamuddin by the time fireyrook left the playing hall at DATCC, 9.05 pm. Based on Ng6’s blog, the final score was another solid 5-0 win for the GM who played as black for all five boards! Simply fantastic Mr. GM Ziaur!
GM Ziaur Doing The Simul! GM Ziaur in full swing against the five simul players last night, 8th July 2010!
Fireyrook’s game against the GM turned into a one-sided affair by the 13th move as fireyrook blundered. Instead of 13.bxc3?, it should have been 13.Bxc6 in order to save the game. Diagram below shows this.
Diagram 1. Black moved 12...Bxc3!
By taking the knight at c6 with the white bishop, white has more than equalised. Since white took the black bishop at c3 with the b-pawn, the next black’s move 14…Qb6+ checks the white king and captures the hanging bishop at b5. Thus losing by a whole piece on the 14th move.
Fireyrook continued a few moves and continued to lose material very quickly and decided by the 20th move to call it a day.
The diagram below shows the black knight at c2 hooking three pieces on the 20th move. It was just too much material lost to stage an attack on black as white’s defences were slowly overran by black.

Diagram 2. Black played 20...Nc2! and white resigned.





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One of the other four games included Abdul Aziz Abdul Shukor’s game against the GM. Below is the diagram with the chess moves of the game that was held last night and the position of the chess pieces on the 29th move after black played 29…Bxa2!. White resigned after this move. Aziz has no alternative to save his game as the GM has a strong pawn at a3 that is about to queen along the a-file.

Abdul Aziz's game vs GM Ziaur Rahman

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