Friday, June 18, 2010

Round 6, MNCC 2010 Fong and Nabil still leaders!

18 June 2010, Bangi – In the fifth round of the women category, Fong Mi Yen won her game against Alia Anin, making Mi Yen as outright leader with 5 points. She now meets with Shahmina Amira Zulkafli (pix left) in the sixth round on first board. Surprise, surprise, Haslindah Ruslan has four points from five rounds and is in the top four of the current women’s category leaders. She will meet Camilia bt Johari on second board of the sixth round this afternoon.
Meanwhile in the open category, Nabil and Swee Leong drew on first board and now Nabil will meet with Tariq Mohd Amru who won his fifth round game against Mohd Khair of Wahiddudin family. While NM Edward Lee (pix right) meets with Yeoh Li Tian, who has 4.5 points on the second board.
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