Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mamak The Return Wins The Dream Team Weekend

31 May 2010, Kuala Lumpur – Here’s the report from Najib Wahab on the recently concluded Dream Team Weekend held at the DATCC on the 29th May 2010.

The Dream became a nightmare when only 4 teams showed up for the event and the organizer had to change the tournament format and lower the prize money but all in all, it was a fun weekend for the 16 players who were there (me included).

The tournament format was changed from Swiss to Double Round Robin with 3 rounds being played in the morning, and another 3 rounds in the afternoon, and the winner is determined by the Match points and not by game points.

 In the end, the final ranking was as follows:


At the end of the team event, 6 players stayed on for a double round robin of blitz, with RM10 entry fee and the winner to take all. Zaidan Zulkipli did well to win 9 points out of a possible 10 and together with it, the RM60 prize money.

Here are the following team compositions and the respective scores achieved by each team member.


The organizer felt that the very poor response was because of lack of publicity, the MASUM event held during the same, the 1st GM Training program also held at the same time, and the long weekend where most players have probably gone back to the “kampong” to take advantage of the long weekend. But the show must go on and it was nice to see that the Chess players who were there, were able to accommodate the bizarre and sad turnout, and turn it into something fun and enjoyable.

Thanks to the 15 players that have come for the tournament – Najib Wahab was and shall remain very grateful for their understanding, support and cooperation for successfully completing the one-day event.

(report and results courtesy of Najib Wahab)

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