Thursday, April 1, 2010

Latest National Rating April 2010

Lim Tze Pin, the national ratings officer for Malaysia, has just released the new ratings for 900 chess players.
To see whether you are in the 900 Malaysian chess players affected by the change in their ratings, please visit gilachess’s blog or click here or if you had participated in the recent Stonemaster Amateur Special Edition – 1st Leg 2010 recently, you may wish to visit stonemaster’s blog to see the latest rating after the event or click here.

Some further notes from Mr. Lim Tze Pin for tournament organizers (refer to gilachess's blog):
"In the excel file, the following names have been merged into 1 name:
Evan Loo, Muhd Nabil AH, Puteri Munajjah Az-Zahraa Azhar, Shahanas Kamal, Nur Najiha AH
The error was due to difference convention names used by various organisers. I’ve been experiencing a tough time getting those names (from 1100+ single entries into 900+ unique entries). So, the 5 names mentioned above missed my manual scaning.
To all organisers, please use back the names in the database and not include IM, FM, WIM, WFM, NM etc. Their titles should not go into the name column. Also, those chinese with Christian names please put in before the lastname. For indian player, please use their name followed by Father’s name just like malay player (as per national rating database)".

Let's hope our tournament organisers will take note regarding the format of names for players so that our National Rating Officer will have an easier time calculating our chess ratings. Let's cooperate with MCF and make ratings calculation easier to manage.

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