Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kuala Lumpur Open – Some Info

Some interesting facts from this third  edition of the Kuala Lumpur Chess Open 2010.


A total 111 players are participating in this tournament from 22 countries through out the world.

The host country, Malaysia, has 20 players playing but the highest number of players come from India with 23 players, in all. Our neighbours Singapore has 9 players while neighbours, Indonesia, has 17 players.

Russia even has two players here while Philippines has five.

Our resident GM Ziaur Rahman is from Bangladesh, which has two players playing.


Going by the statistics table, KL Open has 12 GMs playing and this is a major increase from previous editions of KL Open.

A total 58 players registered in this year’s Open, have titles. Another WOW factor!

It is pretty much a good mix of all categories, titled, untitled, rated and unrated, as well.

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