Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cheparinov–Vitiugov game, Gibraltar Chess 2014

23 Feb 2014, Kuala Lumpur – In Gibraltar, Cheparinov emerged as the new champion at the Gibraltar Chess 2014. The Tradewise Gibraltar Masters took place 28th January to 6th February 2014. Ivan Cheparnov won the event after a tie-break. Cheparinov had a late run winning his last three games and then a rapid match against last year's winner Nikita Vitugov 1.5-0.5.

Below is the decisive winning game by Cheparinov.

Cheparinov vs Vitiugov, Gibraltar Chess 2014


Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival 2014 (Caleta ENG)
Mon 27th Jan 2014 - Thu 6th Feb 2014 - Official Site -Results - Live - Live with 3 engines

Gibraltar Masters (10 Rds Swiss Indiv TC:100:50:15+30spm(1)) - Games in PGN: Games

Gibraltar Masters TB (3 players 2 Rds KO Indiv TC:10m+5spm) - Games in PGN: TB Games

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