Friday, November 15, 2013

Carlsen pulls ahead with a win in 5th game!

16th November 2013, Kuala Lumpur - In Chennai, India, Magnus Carlsen manages to make a breakthrough win over Vishy Anand in the fifth game of the FIDE World Chess Championship 2013. This win gives Carlsen a 3-2 lead over Anand in this 12 match series.

Game 5 - Carlsen vs Anand, FIDE World Chess Championship 2013

The official website reported that the challenger started the game with 1.c4 and after sidelining several popular openings, from Semi-Slav to Noteboom to Marshall Attack, the relatively rare 6.Nc3 brought about an interesting position that resembled Nimzo-Indian pawn structure.

Anand’s bishop was passive but it successfully protected the entry points on the 7th rank. Black also activated the rook along the 5th rank, according to the old Capablanca’s recipe.

White couldn’t break in and black pieces gradually gained activity. However, Anand still had to find the best moves just to stay in the game. He did so for some time until a careless check 45…Rc1+ cost him the a-pawn.

In the resulting rook endgame with ‘a’ and ‘h’ pawns white pieces were ideally placed to force the quick advance of the passer. Anand resigned after Carlsen got the second passer going.


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