Thursday, December 6, 2012

Magnus Clear Leader, LCC 2012

Magnus Carlsen, Round 4, LCC 2012

6 Dec 2012, Kuala Lumpur – The Week In Chess reported that Magnus Carlsen opened a clear lead after four rounds of the 4th London Chess Class as it goes into the rest day. Carlsen defeated Gawain Jones in a 4.Qxd4 Sicilian where Jones played a creative queen sacrifice for two pieces. The sacrifice might have been sufficient to draw but Jones gradually went wrong and lost.

Michael Adams faced a very unusual sideline of the Queen's Gambit from Hikaru Nakamura. Adams did have slightly the worse of it for a while but held the draw reasonably comfortably. Viswanathan Anand took on Vladimir Kramnik's Berlin Defence and was in danger of being worse at one stage but the blocked nature of the position allowed a draw. Luke McShane was again the last to finish and he ended up losing to Levon Aronian in a grim struggle. McShane blundered and had to give up his queen for what eventually turned out to be Rook, Knight and 3 pawns.


The 5 December 2012 was a rest day at the London Chess Classic. Round 6 is being played tonight as blog post gets published.

Here is a round 4 game between Magnus Carlsen and Gawain GB during the 4th London Chess Classic 2012. Magnus Carlsen won this game with white.

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